People's Bank of Lodi

As part of the maintenance of the headquarters of the People's Bank of Lodi. Was carried out on a sample of the load, the reading on the ropes and the stabilization of the window tent.

Esselunga Legnano

Acceptance testing of floors underground parking in the alleys of new legnano website esselunga in former townships. It was conducted two load tests on two different roads, with reading later structural subsidence at the expense of the slab with 6 trucks of 22 tonnes each.

Viaduct lifting AV Paradigna

Experimentation and operational definition of a procedure to adjust the load line high-speed Milan-Bologna. Work in collaboration with Algua Italferr SpA SpA and two lines of support for the introduction of millimeter thickness, weighted device supports and scaffolding.

Lifting crowned Viaduct - Polla

Lowering of 8 m from the new metal structure covering the overpass built on the existing viaduct and translated to plan in its final position. The operation was performed with a synchronization system four lifting points distant 120 m and a steel modular blocks bolted and braced.

New Marzabotto of drawbridge - Bologna

Repositioning 5 bridge spans for adjusting the ex-plumber. The bays were raised with variable tranches for mofifier the longitudinal slope. The central span was lifted and repositioned to 1.40 m above. Being through the bays of the bank were raised with differences in the transverse dimensions to prevent the movement of the vegetation.

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Sistral meets the needs of government, business and private clients for the maintenance of structures.



Sistral involved in investigations, testing, load testing, measurement, and monitoring the performance of specific applications made ​​on test structures. Sistral has all the necessary equipment but most are requested couraments equipment such as:


  • sclerometer
  • metal detector
  • radiology and x-ray passage
  • comparators
  • electronic
  • actuators
  • cell charge
  • other specific equipment




Sistral technicians have extensive experience in construction and are used to working as a team to provide all the necessary skills for the preparation and execution of the specialist work.

Particular attention is given to the logistics of interventions allowing engineers to move quickly and independently to the scene of operations.

Through the various offices, Sistral operates throughout the national territory and abroad.