Synchronised lifts interventions


Bridge on the Sile

Scaffolding lift to replace the supports of the bridge on the river Sile – JESOLO (VE)

Gerber span lift. The bridge object of intervention is made of 3 spans. The central span rests on Gerber saddles, making it difficult to reach the support areas for their replacement. SISTRAL was then charged with performing synchronized lifting up to a height of +180 cm for easy access to the support lines. The synchronized lifting has been carried out of the top with the help of special metal structures made to measure: lifting goats.

Lifting roof slab in reinforced concrete for restoration of the project quota – CESATE (MI)

Active shoring of the roofing slab. During the construction, the insole object of intervention has undergone a lowering of about 25 cm in the center line. SISTRAL has been entrusted with the controlled restoration of the project quota with an active shoring intervention capable of lifting the roof slab and maintaining its position until the completion of the completion of the supplementary metal structures.



Building site of Canicattì

Viaduct Serra Cazzola 1

Lifting from the bottom of the viaduct centerline, with 4 points of thrust at the foot of the temporary metal stack plus 2 points of measurement of the movements near the upper guide system for the control of the continuity in the lift. Lifting height + 4.50 m.


Building site of Parabiago


Loading and lowering of the wooden roof of the building for repositioning at a height of -80 cm. They were used on 3 lifting axles, 1 which coincides with the ridge beam and 2 on the perimeter made with HE 140A profile for the support of the 18 joists (axis).


Building site of Potenza


Lightening of the bays to be demolished by blocking the side and central elements of the slab. Lifting from the top of the spans with special carpentry and a modular system of metal blocks of up to 3.5 m. 10 m displacement of the span on the parallel carriageway with intermediate demolition phases.

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