The main sectors of activity of Sistral are as follows. For each sector, it is possible to deepen the topic and request information on a specific project.

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Tests and controls

For surveys and testing of structures, Sistral intervenes with load tests, surveys, checks and with the implementation of specific applications on the structures being tested. The Sistral has all the necessary equipment for the most current tests and inquiries such as:

  • Sclerometer
  • Pachometer
  • Endoscope
  • Electronic comparators
  • Actuators
  • Load cells
  • Other specific equipment
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Synchronised lift

Synchronised lifting of structures is one of the company’s main activities. They concern both existing civil works, for the maintenance of support areas, and new construction works.

  • Lifting for bearing replacements
  • Lifting for road clearance updates
  • Lifting for slope adjustment
  • Lifting as a method of construction
  • Lifting for geometric repositioning



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Tensioning is carried out using hydraulic / mechanical techniques and equipment and can concern strand or bar-type prestressing systems, hangers, stays and anchoring rods.

  • Tensioning of cables or prestressing bars
  • Tensioning of spiroidal rope
  • Tensioning of bars with disposable hydraulic nuts
  • Tensioning chains of masonry arches
  • Tensioning of stays and extradosized pre-compression


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Reinforcements and consolidations

Sistral technicians work in the sector of reinforcements and consolidations with composite materials since the first applications of these innovative methods in the construction sector, such as:

  • Application of carbon fibers
  • Application of PBO fibers
  • Reinforced injections of superfluid resins
  • Consolidation of deteriorated concrete surfaces
  • Other specific operations
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Structural monitoring

In the construction and civil works, both of new construction realization and of adaptation of the existing, it is often necessary to monitor the geometries, forces and tensions of some structural elements affected by the new interventions:

  • Force monitoring
  • Geometry monitoring
  • Tension monitoring
  • Inclinometer monitoring
  • Other specific monitoring
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Special interventions

In the field of building and civil works, both of new construction realization and of adaptation of the existing, it is often necessary to intervene with special technologies:

  • Replacement of structural constraints
  • Load transfers
  • Addition or removal of carriers
  • Movements of entire artifacts
  • Innovative construction methods
  • Adjustment of the loads present
  • Loads and movements monitoring
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