In progress

Below are the interventions currently underway or in preparation.

JULY 2018

FdBFete of Brescia

Structural integration of the wooden beams of the roof structure of the west pavilion of the Fete of Brescia


tructural Integration. Following a resistographic survey campaign carried out on the external heads of the wooden beams, there was a significant deterioration of the structural wood, such as to compromise the static safety of the roof. A structural integration intervention has been defined with the assembly of a complementary structure in metal profiles, axially adhered to the existing beams. The new structural integration has been defined and sized so as to make up for the possible complete absence of the wood of the beams.



NODAVIAFlorence HV station


Adjustment of loads in the temporary structures of the New High Speed Railway Station of Florence

Structural monitoring and regulation. The Florence high-speed train station (Sir Norman Foster) foresees an excavation of nominal size 50x500x25 m. The decks are made with the Top-Down method. The floor slab is therefore made in the first phase and then the ground below is removed. The excavation progressively causes a decompression of the remaining soil and a consequent increase in the provisional structures stuck in the ground with increased loads and tensions in the constructed decks. SISTRAL has been commissioned to install a structural load monitoring system in the temporary structures and, with a special hydraulic system, to make the adjustments to the dimensions of the already constructed decks to guarantee their horizontal nature throughout the construction period.

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