Reinforcements and consolidations

Sistral technicians operate in the sector of reinforcements and consolidations with composite materials since the first applications of these innovative methods in the construction sector.
The reinforcement techniques, now widespread throughout the country through a large number of applicators, are simple but not always easy to implement. In all the interventions, it is then necessary to proceed with great skill in the installation in order not to nullify the effectiveness of the reinforcement.
From design to delivery of the reinforced structure, Sistral ensures the correct execution of the required reinforcements by documenting all the laying phases with appropriate control procedures and operating cards (quality of the substrate, preparation of the support, creation of the composite, protection of the composite). To highlight the effectiveness of the intervention, Sistral performs reinforcement adherence tests and load tests on the reinforced structure.

Using the company experience in the field of high pressure hydraulics, an active shoring by means of hydraulic jacks is often integrated in the intervention before the reinforcement is laid. This procedure allows to reduce the quantities of composite required, reducing costs and execution times.

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